Best Canadian Poker Sites

Best Canadian Poker Sites

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Party Poker$500 BonusParty Poker Reviewcanadian-flag-icon
SIA Poker$600 BonusSIA Poker Reviewcanadian-flag-icon
Tiger Gaming$2500 BonusTiger Gaming Reviewcanadian-flag-icon
Bet365 Poker$100 BonusBet 365 Reviewcanadian-flag-icon

In the seventies, Video Poker entered the casino scene and has now made it to the top of casino games. Earlier it was quite simple but with the technological advancement in online games, new features have been added, making Video Poker a hot favourite.

If you want the odds in your favour while playing Video Poker, some factors need to be taken into account. They might be the base payout amount, the limits of the game, if the game has a wild card, the quantity of combinations that will make you win, etc. The limits need to be paid attention to because they regulate the amount of deals a customer can get. So, choosing a game with minimum limits can be helpful.

Video Poker in Canada in 2019

One of the initial gambling games to be converted into a computerized version was Video Poker. Even land based casinos have Video Poker games these days in Canada where they have machines on which you play the game. The fact that you do not have to visit a casino to play poker is what makes Video Poker so attractive to punters.

These days, Video Poker has become so popular that you can even participate in a Video Poker playing tournament where there will be tons of Video Poker games. Some of the Video Poker games that have gained popularity among the customers are double joker poker, Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, Texas Hold’em, Strip Video Poker games, etc.

All of these variants are special in their own way and only practice will make you the supreme wizard at Video Poker. If you want a trainer to help you, you can check out YouTube videos where you will find tutorials that teach you the gameplay.

Know your game

Knowing Video Poker how to play is vital because this game needs some expertise. The house edge in Video Poker is known to be quite low which increases your chances of winning at the game. You have to first decide the cards you will keep and the cards that you will give away. Usually there are 5 cards and you will have to decide a move based on the hand. The computer will be the one that you will be playing against. You can give away as many cards as suits your purpose.

Bets are the best when you know them

You might think that placing small bets will help you but this just lets you stay in your comfort zone. When you place larger bets, you also have better chances of winning big like jackpots or progressive jackpots. Video Poker how to play will not just come to you in a dream in a single night. You will need considerable practice to be counted among the winners.

Tricks to win real money in Video Poker

Here are some tricks to win real money in Video Poker:

  1. First, try playing for free on the flash versions of online casinos. Video Poker online free will let you practice and improve your gaming technique.
  2. Use your wild cards wisely as they increase your possibility of winning at the games. You can exchange them with any card you wish from your deck.
  3. Before you choose a type of Video Poker, check out the paytables of each one of them and choose the one that have more jackpots or has a better payout.
  4. If you have a straight flush, full house, royal flush, or four of a kind, then keep them. Using these cards wisely during the game will definitely get you some big money.

Choosing the right Video Poker Site

You can initially try Video Poker online free at different websites and strengthen your strategy. This will help you face the odds when you are actually playing for real cash. Once you have receive a high level of training, you can download the app of a casino that you like.

Before you select a casino, check their bonus offers, whether they let you pay by cash or card, what sort of music accompaniment they have with the games, what slot games they have, etc. These factors will let you choose wisely and later on prove to be beneficial.

Video Poker FAQ:

How can one figure out the best Video Poker?

Choosing the game mostly depends on you. But you should still consider some options when you choose a game, like, their RTP, their payout percentage, their house edge, etc. Try Video Poker online free to know better about the options that we have just mentioned. Video Poker online free is available in most casinos on their flash trial version.

Are there chances of winning?

There are always chances of you winning at Video Poker if you play well. But if you are thinking about a royal flush then your chances are around 1 in 40,000. On the other hand, chances of hitting a jackpot are around 1 in 262,000.

Is it true that online Craps are rigged?

If you are playing at a casino that has been there for a while and has licenses from reputed authorities, then online Craps there will not be rigged. Therefore, be careful when you settle for a casino for gambling.

Are there multiplayer options in Video Poker?

Yes there are options of playing for multiple hands in Video Poker. So, you can play for two, ten, hundred, and other number of hands in Video Poker. This will allow you to place more bets on a single hand but this will not affect your chances of winning at a game.