Canadian Player Sorel Mizzi Caught in New Cheating Scandal


Canadian Player Sorel Mizzi Caught in New Cheating Scandal

Sorel Mizzi Cheating Poker

Soon after his recent unbanning at Poker Stars, Canadian player Sorel Mizzi has found himself caught in yet another cheating scandal. This time he was accused of dealing from the bottom of the deck during a game of Chinese Poker.

The cheating Scandal allegedly happened on the Poker Stars carribean adventure which took place on January 2011. Shaun Deeb posted on the 2+2 poker forums about a game of Chinese Poker involving Sorel Mizzi and John Racener:

So they are rotating the deal and the dealer gets the 14th card in 1 of their hands. Racener has played a ton of live poker so he tends to know procedure and what to look for. He notices sorels shuffling is leaving the 2 bottom cards in place they haven’t moved from the deck. As he starts to deal he notices the first card he deals himself is the bottom card of the deck. He keeps watching sorel and once he’s done dealing john says hes going take the hand with 14 cards in it sorel goes into a tantrum saying it’s his hand his deal. John says I know what you were doing picks up the 14 card pile and shows the bottom card which is the joker. He tells sorel he’s not paying him whatever amount hes down 5-20k and that he’s a scumbag etc.

Sorel Mizzi went on to dent the allegations in another post on 2+2

I’ll be the first to admit that I have made a ton of mistakes and have several regrets in both my life and profession but cheating in Chinese poker isn’t one of them. The allegations in this thread are so absurd, far-fetched and severe that the magnitude of the lies almost make me at a complete loss of words. What makes me even more speechless is how many of you jump to conclusions in a situation where it’s one persons word vs my own. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised when it comes to Me vs anyone else in the community its the other person who gets the immediate credit for telling the truth and people who play against me or I do biz with obv know this. This is the primary reason why people take shots at me. Because I took over for someone in the middle of a tournament over 3 years ago no one in the general poker community will believe anything I say and it sucks because no matter what I do, for as long as I’m in this industry, I will always have that stigma attached to my name. I try to seperate myself from most poker players and not get too close to them because (and this may sound really weird to you guys coming from me) I think most of them are douchey and scummy. Maybe its time for me to consider a new career because respect from peers in industry is very important and I clearly have very little.

In an online radio interview John Racener confirms “everything in the story is true”. He also adds that he believes Sorel Mizzi was trying to get him drunk and entice him to play higher stakes with the intention of cheating him. He says during their heads up session he was afraid for his safety as well.

This news comes soon after Sorel Mizzi had his ban lifted at Full Tilt, a ban which he had previously received for cheating. Sorel Mizzi was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It’s a shame to see a Canadian player end up on the list of poker cheaters.

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