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Station Poker Classic Tournament at Casino Regina

The “Station Poker Classic” hosted by Casino Regina kicks off March 22 with a series of Events culminating in the $1000+$100 Main event NL Texas Holdem Tournament.

The “Station Poker Classic” is one of Canada’s most attended tournaments and has a history of drawing players from all over Saskatchewan, Alberta, and players from the United States as well, due to Casino Regina’s close proximity to the border. This years tournament is expected to gather 200-400 players.

The schedule of events for the “Station Poker Classic” goes like this:

Tuesday March 22nd – “Single Table Satellite Extravaganza”

Wednesday March 23rd – $550+$50 No Limit Hold’em

Thursday March 24th – $720+$80 No Limit Hold’em

Friday March 25th – Main Event $1000+$100 No Limit Hold’em

Saturday march 26 – $630+$70 No Limit Hold’em


Station Poker Classic Tournament Results 2011

Here is a recap of the Station Poker Classic that took place in Regina, Sasketchewon, earlier this month. Here are the winners of the four events that took place.

Event #1 $600 No Limit Holdem Tournament

Canadian player Jim Loudon from Sceptre, Sasketchewon took down the first event at the Station Poker Classic which had a $550+$50 buy-in. He took home a cool 27k for his efforts. Jim also had a strong showing in the main event, finishing cashing in 13th place.

Event #2 $800 No Limit Holdem Tournament

Notable Ryan “b0neyard” Comely from Edmonton, Alberta, wins the 2nd event which was a $720+$80 buy-in tourny, pocketing 31k and his fourth major Canadian tournament win in the process.

Event #3 Main Event $1100 No Limit Holdem Tournament

It was Farrell Remple from Steinbach Manitoba who took down the main $1100 main event, and a nice payday cashing in on over 45k. Cogratulations Farrell!

Event #4 $700 No limit Holdem Tournament

A local Sid Rambaran from Regina, Sasketchewon took down the 4th event at the Station Poker Classic and took home over 35K!


2012 Station Poker Classic Winners and Results

The 2012 Station Poker Classic has wrapped up play at Casino Regina and we have all the tournament winners and tournament results for you here.

Congratulations to Canadian tournament rounder Glen Adams from Lethbridge, Alberta who won the $1,000 Main Event and took home just over $40k! Dean Smith from Windsor, Ontario won the $800 NLH and won $28k, while Justin Leeson from Calgary won the $700 NLH and pocketed $32k. The only hometown winner at Casino Regina was Jeff Fechter from Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan who did his province proud by winning $650 NLH and cashing $24k.

2012 Station Poker Classic $1,100 NLH Results

1st Glen Adams – Lethbridge,AB $41,751
2nd Ryan Smith – Saskatoon, SK $26,706
3rd Mike Meekins – Saskatoon,SK $18,077
4th Dwayne Kok – Saskatoon,SK $12,900
5th Neil Anderson – Saskatoon,SK $9,664
6th Bryan Ragasa – Winnipeg,MB $7,564
7th Jasson Zewadsky – Thompson,MB $6,156
8th Jim Loudon – Happyland,SK $5,183
9th Igor Grinevsky – Winnipeg,MB $4,492
10th Alan Hui – Regina,SK $3,989
11th Greg VanGinkel – Regina,SK $3,616
12th Doug Maier – Meadow Lake,SK $3,333
13th Brandon Hodgkin – Weyburn,SK $3,115
14th Loonie Hallett – Big Valley,AB $2,944
15th Peter Vermette – Binscarth,MB $2,809
16th Shawn Leis – Saskatoon,SK $2,701

2012 Station Poker Classic $800 NLH Results

1st Dean Smith – Windsor,ON $28,436
2nd Brian Fleming – Edmonton, AB $18,234
3rd Alemu Makonen-Edmonton, AB $12,382
4th Mike Smith – Saskatoon,SK $8,871
5th Rob McMullin – Portage La Prairie,MB $6,676
6th Jody Fayant – Edmonton, AB $5,252
7th Emil Chomistek – Pittville,SK $4,297
8th Fred Pynn – Regina,SK $3,637
9th Lindsay Flannery – Lipps Beach,SK $3,169
10th Chris Gould – Estevan,SK $2,828
11th Cliff Green – Eckville,AB $2,574
12th Sam Gottiparthi – Mississauga,ON $2,383
13th Jackson Oniske – Thompson,MB $2,235
14th Jim Loudon – Rm of Happyland,SK $2,119
15th Scott Clements – Calgary,AB $2,027

2012 Station Poker Classic $700 NLH Results

1st Justin Leeson – Calgary, AB $32,352
2nd Robin Bergren – Saskatoon, SK $20,553
3rd Gord Matt – Regina,SK $13,784
4th Matt Seitz – Weyburn,SK $9,722
5th Jackson Oniske – Thompson,MB $7,184
6th Neil Bechdoldt – Winnipeg,MB $5,537
7th Troy Nisbet – Rosetown,SK $4,432
8th Chad Lummerding – Saskatoon,SK $3,669
9th Senad Selimanovic – Regina,SK $3,127
10th Buddy Little – Thompson,MB $2,733
11th Kerwin Rempel – Winnipeg,MB $2,440
12th Danette Holzwarth – Lethbridge,AB $2,218
13th Sam Dickson – Oxbow,SK $2,047
14th Darlene Gosling – Regina, SK $1,913
15th Robert Peters – Edwin,MB $1,807
16th Bruce Nairn – Winnipeg,MB $1,722
17th Dan Matlock – Outlook,SK $1,653
18th Joe Williams – Winnipeg,MB $1,597
19th Khaly Dang – Mississauga,ON $1,550
20th Kelly Loudon – Sceptre,SK $1,550

2012 Station Poker Classic $650 NLH Knockout Results

1st Jeff Fechter – Meadow Lake,SK $24,077
2nd Ryan Smith – Saskatoon,SK $15,341
3rd Shannon Vargo – Saskatoon,SK $10,330
4th Gerald Bellegarde – Little Black Bear,SK $7,324
5th Greg Van Ginkel – Regina SK $5,445
6th Rick Eberts – Regina,SK $4,226
7th Darrin Oremba – Regina, SK $3,408
8th Zennawi Prtros – Winnipeg,MB $2,843
9th Ben Clark – Winnipeg,MB $2,442
10th Stuart Teske – Wolseley,SK $2,150
11th Jackson Louis – Thompson,MB $1,933
12th Ian Menard – Winnipegosis,MB $1,769
13th Robert Smith – Regina,SK $1,642
14th Ryan Comely – Edmonton,AB $1,543
15th Melvin Podaima – Fisher Branch,MB $1,465
16th Ken Will- Tisdale,SK $1,402
17th Heath Greening – Lampman,SK $1,351
18th Senad Selimanovic – Regina ,SK $1,309


2011 Chrome Classic Poker Tournament Results

These are the results from the 2011 “Chrome Classic” Canadian poker tournament that took place April 21-25th at the Deerfoot Inn & Casino, which is located in Calgary, Alberta.

Congratulations to Dave Barrow who won Event #1 at the Chrome Classic and took home $15,884!

Samuel Ngai took down Event #2 which was the $330 NL Tourny had the most amount of players, the results posted are incomplete for this Event and we will update them as more info becomes available.

Aaron Van Male from Calgary, Alberta had a strong showing, winning Event #4 and finishing 6th in Event #3.

Chrome Classic Event#1 Results $1320 NL Holdem Tournament

Players: 33 Prize Pool: $37,818

1st$15,884Dave Barrows
2nd$10,967Grant Frulling
3rd$7,185Todd Hunter
4th$3,782Lennard Scott

Chrome Classic Event#2 Results $330 NL Holdem Tournament

1st$????Samuel Ngai

Chrome Classic Event #3 Results $440 NL Holdem Tournament

Players: 58 Prize Pool: 22,156

1st$7533Ron Giles
2nd$5317Josh Wallace
3rd$3767Ryan Comely
4th$2437Norm Thistelwaite
5th$1772Braeden Criddle
6th$1329Aaron VanMale

Chrome Classic Event#4 Results $170 NL Holdem Tournament

Players:42 Prize Pool: $6,056

1st$2,544Aaron Van Male
2nd$1,756Leanna Curtis
3RD$1,150Steve Dueck
4TH$606Max Thompson

2012 Alberta Poker Championship at Casino Edmonton

The 2012 Alberta Poker Championship marks the 9th time the tournament series will be hosted at Casino Edmonton, in Alberta, Canada. This year’s Championship series will be made up of 4 tournaments and two “Super-Satellites” that will take place January 15th-22nd.

The Alberta Poker Championships have grown almost double in size from last year. You can see this reflected in the size of buy-in and the expected prize pool, which draws even more players. An interesting note is that Casino Edmonton will award a gold bracelet to the winners of the $500 NLH and $2000 NLH Main Event tournaments.

The tournament schedule is a little confusing, the $500 NLH tournament will be split into two “Day 1′s” which will take place on January 19th and 20th. The $500 NLH tournament will then be put on hold and the $2000 Main Event will commence on January 21, the $500 NLH tournament will then resume on January 22.

2012 Alberta Poker Championship Schedule

  • January 15th 2012 $225+25 Super Satellite to Main Event
  • Monday, January 16th 2012 $5000+250 Pot Limit Omaha
  • Tuesday, January 17th 2012 $500+50 Deep Stack Pot Limit Omaha
  • Wednesday, January 18th 2012 $225+25 Super Satellite to Main Event
  • Thursday,January 19th 2012 $500+50 NLH Day “1A”
  • Friday, January 20th 2012 $500+50 NLH Day “1B”
  • Saturday, January 21 2012 $2000+250 No Limit Hold-em Championship Main Event
  • Sunday, January 22nd 2012 $500+50 NLH Day 2
  • Sunday, January 22nd 2012 $300+30 No Limit Hold-em

2012 Alberta Poker Championships Winner and Results

The results are in from Casino Edmonton and Bashar Ramahi is the winner of the 2012 Alberta Poker Championships Main Event, collecting 50K in prize money! Bashar Ramahi is a real estate agent from Edmonton who plays online under the screen name “breexin05“. Ramahi is somewhat of a regular face in the Canadian poker tournament scene, with his biggest payday prior to this being a 12th place finish at a WSOP event which netted him $37k.

Main Event $2,000 No Limit Hold-em Winner and Results

1st Bashar Ramahi $50,000
2nd Chase Olsen $30,000
3rd Leo Brower $21,000
4th Alemu Makonen $15,000
5th Lonnie Hallett $12,000
6th Ron Piasetzki $9,000
7th Dana Forden $6,700
8th Michael Smith $4,500

 $500 Pot Limit Omaha Winner and Results

1st Robin Bergren $12,700
2nd Ryan Zdunyck $7,500
3rd Ryan Smith $5,400
4th Matthew Rogers $3,800
5th Jody Fayant $2,650
6th Braday O’Hara $2,100
7th Malcom Boldger $1,600
8th Ed Tonnellier $1,300

$5,000 Pot Limit Omaha Winner and Results

1st Vince Lam $32,000
2nd Makram Chimayt $16,750


2012 Canadian Open Poker Championships in Calgary

2012 Canadian Open Poker Championships

The 2012 Canadian Open Poker Championships are being held at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino in Calgary, Alberta, starting August 22nd and running until September 2nd. Also known as the “COPC” the Championships are a series of 10 tournaments that still hold the record for the largest combined prize pool in Canada!

Along with the ten main events, there will be 7 satellite tournaments running which allow for players working with a smaller bankroll a chance to win their way into the big action. These Canadian Open Poker Championships draw players from all over Canada and some from south of the border as well. This usually means there will be lucrative cash game action happening while the tournaments are taking place.

This year the tournament is “revamped” based on feedback given by the players. The Deerfoot Inn is pulling out no stops in trying to make this the biggest poker tournament series in Canada. We will have to wait and see what types of Canadian poker celebrities the COPC will attract, we do know in previous years Canadian players like Gavin Smith and Yukon Brad Booth have been in attendance.

2012 COPC Tournament Schedule

August 22nd, 7:00PM – $180+$20 Super Satellite
August 23rd-25th, Noon – EVENT #1A & #1B $550 Championship
August 23rd, 7:00PM – $90+$10 Satellite
August 24th, 7:00PM – $180+$20 Satellite
August 25th, 2:00PM – Event #2: “Mega Stack” Championships – $1,000+$100
August 25th & 26th, 7:00PM – $520+$30 MTT Satellite to $5,000 Heads Up Championship
August 26th, Noon – Event #3: Ladies Championship – $300+$30
August 26th, 2:00PM – $90+$10 Sat to $550 HU Satellite
August 27th-29th, Noon – Event #4: Heads Up Championship – $4,600+$400
August 28th, 7:00PM – Event #5: NLH Bounty – $300+$30
August 29th, 2:00PM – Event #6: NLH Six Max Championship – $2,000+$200
August 30th, 2:00PM – Event #7: Pot Limit Omaha – $1,000+$100
August 30th, 7:00PM – Super Satellite – $235+$25
August 31st & September 1st, Noon – Event #8: Main Event Championships -$2000+$200
August 31st, 7:00PM – Super Cruise Satellite – $230+$20
September 1st, 2:00PM – Event #9: “Triple Chance” – $500+$50
September 2nd, Noon – Event 10: “Last Chance” $300+$30


2013 Deerfoot Inn Kickoff Series Results

Deefoot Inn 2013 kickoff Series results and winners

Here are the results and winners from the 2013 Kickoff Series hosted by the Deerfoot Inn. The Deerfoot Inn is located in Calgary and hosts an annual series of poker tournaments in the week leading up to the Super Bowl called the “Kickoff Series”. Congratulations to Kristoffer Santos for winning the main event and taking home $22,000!

2013 Kickoff Series: Event#1 $300 + $30 

1ST $ 22,000 Kristoffer Santos
2ND $ 14,000 Douglas McGinnis
3RD $ 9,300 Dan White
4TH $ 7,700 Alec Luu
5TH $ 6,000 Gurdeep Parhar
6TH $ 4,500 Sam Tong
7TH $ 3,500 Maria Savulescu
8TH $ 2,500 Dane Alisasis
9TH $ 2,100 Nada Siddik
10TH $ 1,850 James Speer
11TH $ 1,620 Raymond Trieu
12TH $ 1,400 Robert Babb
13TH $ 1,300 Josh Wallace
14TH $ 1,220 Michael Gibney
15TH $ 1,165 Sinan Tawfik
16TH $ 1,100 Jakob Drag
17TH $ 1,100 Peter Amic
18TH $ 1,050 Shane Allan
19TH $ 1,050 Eric Davis
20TH $ 1,000 Debbie Olson
21ST $ 1,000 Garnet Stuart
22ND $ 950 Jordan Pejic
23RD $ 950 Bernard Taing
24TH $ 950 Nick Kindersley
25TH $ 900 Lyle Viney
26TH $ 900 Angelo Jopek
27TH $ 900 Trevor Fenn
28TH $ 850 Sheldon Viney
29TH $ 850 Eric Taylor
30TH $ 850 Chris Symesko
31ST $ 800 Carolyn Grad
32ND $ 800 Justin Davis
33RD $ 800 Jeff Larmarche
34TH $ 800 Leonard Chomistek

2013 Kickoff Series: Event #2 $200 + $100 + $30 NLH “Super Bounty”

1ST $ 5,250 Sinan Tawfik
2ND $ 3,700 Jordan Pejic
3RD $ 2,740 Wayne Hoffert
4TH $ 1,750 Robert Clark
5TH $ 1,200 Dwayne Billawchuck
6TH $ 980 Keith Weideman
7TH $ 860 Adam Cygman
8TH $ 770 Shandon Clarke
9TH $ 670 Josh Mitchell
10TH $ 580 Kevin Noble

2013 Kickoff Series: Event #3 Triple Chance

1ST $ 4,290 Corey Arsenault
2ND $ 3,000 Bernard Taing
3RD $ 2,100 Chris Symesko
4TH $ 1,500 Steve McDowell
5TH $ 1,100 Alec Luu
6TH $ 800 Daniel Piekarski
7TH $ 700 Rob Carter

2013 Kickoff Series: Event #4 Buy-In: $220

1ST $ 4,700 Bo Fric
2ND $ 3,300 Sinan Tawfik
3RD $ 2,200 Leonard Chomistik
4TH $ 1,500 Scott Birt
5TH $ 1,000 Kris Kilvington
6TH $ 700 Mike Porter
7TH $ 640 Brian Mathieson
8TH $ 590 Grant Frulling


2012 Blue Water Classic Results and Winners

The results are in from the 2012 Blue Water Classic which took place at Point Edward Casino in Ontario, Canada. Congrats to David Maclachlan from the Northern Ontario region who was main event winner of $33,835! His only other major tournament cash came in 2009 when he came 12th in this same event.

2012 Blue Water Classic $600 NLH Main Event Results

  1. David Maclachlan $33,835
  2. Fraser Patterson $20,940
  3. Justin Van Boxtell $12,768
  4. Ron Chalmers $9,384
  5. Ian Gare $7,342
  6. Joan Livingston $5,426
  7. Tyler Buckland $4,150
  8. Brian Maxwell $3,511
  9. Charles Terpstra $2,873
  10. Ngoc Nguyen $2,298
  11. Joel Viola $1,788
  12. Oliver Gidden $1,788
  13. Garry Krause $1,788
  14. Ali Tamba $1,788
  15. Brian Scott $1,788
  16. Terry Kovatch $1,404
  17. Don Stuckless $1,404
  18. Marek Olech $1,404
  19. Shawn Sexton $1,404
  20. Howard Kotchie $1,404
  21. Dalton Dawkins $1,149
  22. Kelli Scott $1,149
  23. Nicola Basile $1,149
  24. Jeff Desaulnier $1,149
  25. Dave Finnegan $1,149
  26. Cathy Mesko $1,149
  27. Donna Reinhart $1,149
  28. Carl Reilly $1,149

2012 Fallsview Poker Classic Winners and Results

The record setting field of 1392 players battled it out for $2.8 million in prize money at the 2012 Fallsview Poker Classic and we have the results and all the winners for you here.

The Fallsview Casino Resort is pleased that every year the tournament has grown bigger and garnered more worldwide interest in the Canadian tournament scene. It goes to show the kind of foreign talent that was drawn by the large prize pool at the 2012 Fallsview Poker Classic, because in tournaments normally dominated by Canadians, two of the winners were from England.

Local player Steve Howchin from Milton, Ontario took down the $1,000 buy-in tournament and won $150K for first place! Congratulations to Steve for representing Canada!

The $2,500 buy in event was won by Nicky Evans from Brighton, UK who has a lot of experience playing in the UK tournament scene and brought back $300K of Canadian money back with him over the pond.

The $5,000 Main Event concluded after 6 days of play and Tom Middleton from Silsden, UK (pictured above) took it down winning $300K in the process. This is an impressive win for Tom Middleton who is on a hot streak coming off a win at the Aussie Millions 6 Handed Event which took place on Jan. 19th.