2011 Chrome Classic Poker Tournament Results


2011 Chrome Classic Poker Tournament Results

These are the results from the 2011 “Chrome Classic” Canadian poker tournament that took place April 21-25th at the Deerfoot Inn & Casino, which is located in Calgary, Alberta.

Congratulations to Dave Barrow who won Event #1 at the Chrome Classic and took home $15,884!

Samuel Ngai took down Event #2 which was the $330 NL Tourny had the most amount of players, the results posted are incomplete for this Event and we will update them as more info becomes available.

Aaron Van Male from Calgary, Alberta had a strong showing, winning Event #4 and finishing 6th in Event #3.

Chrome Classic Event#1 Results $1320 NL Holdem Tournament

Players: 33 Prize Pool: $37,818

1st$15,884Dave Barrows
2nd$10,967Grant Frulling
3rd$7,185Todd Hunter
4th$3,782Lennard Scott

Chrome Classic Event#2 Results $330 NL Holdem Tournament

1st$????Samuel Ngai

Chrome Classic Event #3 Results $440 NL Holdem Tournament

Players: 58 Prize Pool: 22,156

1st$7533Ron Giles
2nd$5317Josh Wallace
3rd$3767Ryan Comely
4th$2437Norm Thistelwaite
5th$1772Braeden Criddle
6th$1329Aaron VanMale

Chrome Classic Event#4 Results $170 NL Holdem Tournament

Players:42 Prize Pool: $6,056

1st$2,544Aaron Van Male
2nd$1,756Leanna Curtis
3RD$1,150Steve Dueck
4TH$606Max Thompson

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