2015 Montreal Poker Expo Charity Tournament


2015 Montreal Poker Expo Charity Tournament

The 2015 Montreal Poker Expo runs from August 21st through September 2nd at the Playground Poker Club in Montreal, Quebec. The tournament has a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool, along with being hosted by some of Montreal’s hockey greats like Larry Robinson, Guy Lafleur, Guy Lapointe and Guy Carbonneau.

The Montreal Poker Expo is a charity event with a $135 buy-in and a $25 tournament fee that goes towards breast cancer research. It is being promoted heavily around Quebec, and the $100,000 prize pool is sure to attract many poker players who are after the money, along with those that want to meet the celebrities who will be showing up to support charity.

2015 Montreal Expo Tournament Info

The tournament info can be found below, and the blind structure can be found here. Play begins on Friday, August 21, and will be broken down into four “Day 1’s” due to player volume.

Starting Stack: 20,000 tournament chips. Pre-purchased stacks will be ‘‘live’’ on the table from the beginning of the tournament. Late registrants and alternates will be sold a full starting stack.

Charity Contribution: The whole $135 tournament buy-in goes directly into the cash prize pool. The $25 is not a normal tournament fee – this amount will be given as a charitable donation to the Jodi Taiger Lazarus Fund for Hereditary Breast Cancer Research. There are no additional tournament fees for this event.

Blind Level Length: Blinds increase every 30 minutes from level 1 through level 13 and every 40 minutes from level 14 until there are 2 players remaining. Blind levels are 30 minutes heads-up.

Breaks: There will be 15-minute breaks after every 4th level on Day 1. On Day 2 there will be a break after level 15 and every 3rd level following. There will be breaks after every 3rd level on Day 3.

Levels per Day: Day 1 will play for 13 levels. Day 2 will play for 13 levels. Day 3 will play until there is a winner.
Players per table: Each Day 1 will begin play 10-handed but move to 9-handed play as soon as possible. Play will be 9-handed on Days 2 and 3. The Final Table will begin with 10 players.

Seating Redraws: There will be a full seating redraw prior to Day 2, Day 3, and with 27 and 10 players remaining.

Maximum players: 250 + alternates for Day 1a, 350 + alternates for Day 1b, 350 + alternates for Day 1c, and 350 + alternates for Day 1d.

Re-entry rules: A player may play additional Day 1s even if he/she has survived a previous Day 1. If a player survives more than one Day 1, the player’s largest stack will move forward to Day 2 and all other chips will be removed from the tournament. Players may not re-enter during any Day 1 they have already played; they may only re-enter the tournament on a subsequent Day 1.

Late Registration: Players may enter the tournament until the end of the break after Level 4 on any Day 1.

Registration: Onsite registration is available 24 hours a day, every day. Registrations are non-refundable and transferrable. Players wishing to transfer their registration should contact the cashier at Playground Poker Club. Transfers are free.

Tournament director decisions are final and players shall have no recourse following the beginning of the next hand. The next hand begins with the first riffle of the cards.

Gratuity: 3% of the gross prize pool will be withheld as staff gratuities.

Membership: Players must be Playground Poker Club members to play. Membership is free. Must be 18 years of age or older to play.

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